Birds are truly fascinating creatures. Their colorful plumage, beauty, perseverance, and intelligence set them apart from the rest of the Animal Kingdom. And whether they are riding currents effortlessly through the air or fighting through the last leg of a grueling 3,000 mile migration, birds are the undisputed commanders of the sky.

Parrotsbird of paradise

There are nearly 10,000 recognized species of birds today. However, hundreds of of them are extinct and another 1200 are in danger of extinction because of human activities. If any more bird species were to go extinct, we would truly be experiencing a great loss of animal diversity.

My goal is to educate and to entertain you with information about the amazing bird species that inhabit this earth. As you learn more about birds, my hope is that you will grow to appreciate them more and feel a desire to preserve these avian wonders of the world. Enjoy!

bower bird with boweremporer penguins

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